Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Using Those Scraps

I have so many scraps of 'this and that' so I needed to start cleaning 
it out by creating. So I have made a few coordinating cards. These are pretty CAS Birthday and Friend Cards. I am still working on more of them and will it be for quite a while before I can get things cleaned out. I will probably take on this project for most of August, maybe into September. I just don't need anymore patterned paper for a while. No excuses. I don't need supplies (of any sort) for a long time ,,,,, well, except for adhesives. 
(We've all said that before, haven't we.) I have a good inventory of solid card stock and you know that I'll have to get more if I find it on sale. 
In all honesty...
 I have enough supplies to last me ....let's say,,,, until August 2012 ???  

I'll keep adding these to my blog as I go...

1 comment:

  1. Just until Aug 2012? You'll need more.... the world doesn't end until 12/21/12. Sheeeesh. :) Cute cards!